Quartzite-one of the most popular artificial stone,it is through the special machine in a certain physical, chemical conditions of the large size of the pressing into the plate, its main material is quartz.

The main advantages of Quartzite is:

1.scratch resistance

Quartzite quartz content up to 94%, quartz crystal is second only to diamond in nature hardness of natural minerals, far greater than the kitchen used in the knife, shovel and other weapons, will not be scratched.

2. doesn't age easily

Quartzite shiny surface is after more than 30 complex polishing process, will not be scraped knife shovel, will not be liquid penetration, will not produce yellowing and discoloration problems, daily cleaning only need to wash with water, simple and easy to do. Even after a long time of use, its surface is as bright as the new mesa, without maintenance and maintenance.

3.Non-toxic,No radiation

The surface of quartzite is smooth, flat and without scratches, and the material structure of dense and porous makes bacteria have no place to hide. It can be in direct contact with food, and is safe and non-toxic.

Our company have produced variety typies and colors of Quartzite,and exprted many countries all over the world.


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